Centralplan 15, 11120, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm City Station is in its own right to be called a highflier. Opened in 2017, the station has quickly become the busiest railway station in Sweden. No magic, just the station’s location. Stockholm City Station is situated in the center of Stockholm about 40 meters (131 feet) below ground and right below T-Centralen metro station with access to the Green Line platforms and the Red Line platforms as well as to interchange with Stockholm Central Station. Another highlight of the station is its glass facade at ground level, that allows natural sunlight to shine on the track level.

A Walk Through Stockholm City Railway Station

In this video, take a walk through one of the busiest train stations in Sweden along with T-Centralen metro station which is located above Stockholm City railway station.



Getting Around Stockholm City Railway Station


How do I get from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm City Station?

The airport conveniently connected with Stockholm Central Station. From the airport, commuter trains depart to Stockholm Central twice an hour with 45-minute travel time. If you want to get to the city faster, take the Arlanda Express train which operates every 15 minutes with the travel time of 20 minutes. From Stockholm Central Station you can easily interchange to Stockholm City Station.


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