Centralplan 15, 11120, Stockholm, Sweden

Did you know that Stockholm Sodra or Stockholm South was the very first railway station in the city? Opened in 1860, the station was initially constructed as a terminus of the Vastra Stambanan train line and accommodated both freight and passenger trains. Then the complex was renovated in 1989, and today is set underground. The old railway yard and other structures were ruined, with the exception of one house, which was mainly used by railway workers. As for the connection with local public transport, the nearest underground station is Mariatorget and belongs to the Stockholm metro system's red line, so you can quickly get there from the city center without arranging any extra transfers.



What to Know About Stockholm Sodra Train Station


Is there a direct train between Stockholm South Station and Stochholm Central Station?

If you are looking for the fastest and cheapest way to get from one station to another, think about taking a direct train since the entire trip will take you just 3 minutes. Plus, trains depart every 10 minutes, so you can easily plan all your connections.

What to find near Stockholm South train station?

Within walking distance from the complex, there are plenty of shops and cafes, ATMs, as well as a few tiny parks where you can have a pleasant stroll while waiting for your departure.


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