3 Beiping W Rd Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan

The four-level station is located in what is considered to be the Taipei center, Zhongzheng District, and is a very popular place among students and tourists thanks to surrounding commercial districts. There you can find a large collection of bookstores and cram schools. The station itself is no less interesting: a large building houses many services including a food court, stores, ticket desks, and the Breeze Taipei Station shopping center. For travelers' convenience, the station is served by Red and Blue lines of Taipei Metro and by adjacent Taipei Bus Station that are accessible through underground passageways system.



What to Know About Taipei Railway Station


How do I get to Taipei Main Station?

The station is easily accessible via Taipei Metro, you can use both Red and Blue lines to reach Taipei Main Station (台北車站). Also, the station is served by Taipei Bus Station and can be reached almost from any point of the city.

What district is Taipei Main Station in?

Taipei railway station is located in one of the most remarkable districts in the city, Zhongzheng District. Full of cultural and educational highlights, the district is popular among tourists and students because of a high concentration of learning centers, bookstores, schools, and other educational centers.


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