46014, Valencia, Spain

Valencia-San Isidre is the name of the railway station in the Spanish city of Valencia. Being a part of C-3 and C-4 commuter rail lines, the station serves regional trains that link the city mainly with Madrid and Cuenca. Besides, the station thoughtfully connected with Valencia metro and provide access to 1, 2 and 7 lines through San Isidro metro station. Interestingly, the Valencia-San Isidro station is located on the slope where the train tracks ran to Valencia at a height of about 8 meters above sea level. At the opposite end, the platform of track 4 consists of a block of cement on the railway slope itself. As a matter of curiosity, there is no track 3 at the station.



Getting Around Valencia's San Isidre Railway Station


How do I get to the San Isidre railway station?

You can easily reach San Isidre train station taking a 72 line bus from the City Hall Square.


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