Travel to Spain by Train

The Spanish rail network is very developed, modern, and broad, so it's no surprise that traveling around Spain by train is among the most favored options both by locals and tourists. The Spanish train system is noted not only for safety but also for offering multiple departure times on over 50 domestic routes every day (see the map of popular Spanish train routes below). What is more, Spain's high-speed rail plays an important role in the country's transportation, thus, it is a simple, fast, and comfortable way to travel between the major cities, saving a lot of your time. On this page, we have put together all of the information you might need regarding train journeys in Spain, train types to select for your upcoming trip, the popular domestic routes in Spain and the international train routes in Spain, as well as answers to often asked questions.

Overall length of rail tracks in Spain

Overall length of rail tracks in Spain: 16 026 km

Types of trains in Spain

Types of trains in Spain: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Spanish routes sold on Rail Ninja: 50+

Fastest train speed in Spain

Fastest train speed of Spanish trains: 310 km/h


Rail Travel in Spain

Spanish High-speed Trains

The high-speed AVE train is the most popular high-speed train Spain has to offer.

Bullet trains of this type are operated by Renfe and connect many destinations in the country, including cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao, and San Sebastian, among others. What is more, travelers may choose from several coach classes as well as an extensive schedule of departures, created to fit any plans.