1150 Station St, BC V6A 4C7, Vancouver, Canada

Located in mesmerizing Vancouver, Pacific Central Station is the city's main train hub and a beautiful historic building. Opened in 1919, the station was originally named False Creek Station. And in 2010 many parts of the station were refurbished to the state we see today. The hallmark of the station is its interior: a long and wide waiting hall together with the very high ceiling create an illusion of the building being much bigger. Clean rooms, made in Beaux-Arts style, and high-backed benches offer plenty of seating. Among amenities, you always can find a coffee bar, WiFi, restaurants, ticket desks, and ATMs. Conveniently, the station is wheelchair-accessible.



What to Know About Pacific Central Railway Station


Does VIA Rail go to Vancouver?

Actually, yes! VIA Rail operates on Vancouver - Toronto and reverse route. Covering 4411 km (2740 mi), the VIA train travels between the two cities in 3 days and 20 hours.

How do I get from downtown Vancouver to Pacific Central Station?

The fastest and easiest way is to use the metro or bus line 010. If you take metro, reach Stadium-Chinatown Station @ Platform 1 and walk southeast. Use map to take your bearings.


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