What to Know About Bulgarian Railway

Bulgaria is among the best European countries to explore by train. And the reason is not just because it's insanely beautiful (although the views are to die for), but also because train travel in Bulgaria is one of the most budget-friendly in Western Europe. But it's in no way because the country has a mediocre train system on is served by old-school trains that don't offer much neither in terms of speed nor comfort. Of course, there are some low-speed passenger trains serving the distant regions of Bulgaria, but the main cities of this sun-kissed country are connected by a higher-speed railway. The trains serving the line boast fast travel times, and offer everything you might for a stress-free trip. Below, you can find the main information about the most popular choices for Bulgarian rail trip.

Overall length of rail tracks in Bulgaria

Overall length of Bulgaria railways: 4,070 km

Types of trains in Bulgaria

Main types of Bulgarian trains: express, fast & slow passenger

Number of routes we sell

Number of Bulgaria routes sold on Rail Ninja: 5+

Fastest train speed in Bulgaria

Fastest train of Bulgaria high-speed rail: 200 km/h


Popular Bulgaria Trains

Express Trains by Bulgarian State Railways

Undoubtedly, a perfect choice for a trip in Bulgaria, as express trains combine fast travel times, a broad departure schedule, and great onboard amenities. The travelers can choose one of two travel classes. Both second- and first-class compartments are the same in size but are equipped to fit 8 and 6 people respectively, so the main advantage of booking the first-class tickets is that they promise a bit more space during the journey. Other than that, you can rest assured that the compartments of both classes are equipped with cushy seats, generous legroom, are plenty of space to put your luggage.


What to Know About the Bulgarian Rail


What is Bulgarian National Railway Operator?

The Bulgarian State Railways is the company operating the lion's share of railway lines in the country. Established at the end of the 19th century, BSR is the largest railway carrier in Bulgaria.

Are Bulgarian train tickets easy to read?

For those who don't speak Bulgarian, the railway tickets indeed might be tricky to understand if you purchase them at the station. All information is printed in Cyrillic, so it's a powerful argument on why it's better to buy Bulgarian train tickets online. Rail Ninja offers you the main details about your journey in English (as well as several other languages) and allows you to book your tickets for up to 2 years prior to your rail trip! But if you happen to be on a spontaneous voyage and find yourself struggling at the station with no idea where to go, feel free to ask a nearby local for help. Plus, Google Translate might be a great help in cases like that.

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