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Travel to Daegu by Train

Daegu has a rich and ancient culture, coupled with scenic attractions and beautiful mountains. Together, these make the city one of the largest in South Korea. Discover historical sites dating back to the Silla and Joseon periods and scenic views of the Palgongsan and Apsan mountains. Autumn and spring are great times to enjoy the city's parks. Many of Daegu's museums display artifacts that date back to ancient times, so you can spend time exploring those too. Gorgeous Apsan Park, Disneyland's "distant cousin" E-World, scenic views of Duryu Park, pleasantly smelling Seomun Market with its Korean soul meals, and Daegu National Museum – all of them are worth visiting and getting bright everlasting memories! Continue your Korean discovery and admire more fantastic destinations you can via Korea's trains and get an infinite number of vivid memories!