All You Need to Know About England Railway

Referred by some people as Foggy Albion, England indeed has many interesting sights that are hidden in fogs about 45 days a year. If you find yourself in England during this period, fast and modern English trains will take you to your desired destination through the rain or shine worry-free. England is the heart of the extended British rail network featuring high-speed services, so you can easily travel through the entire England by train. Don’t let the fact that the England railway is the oldest one in the world make you doubt. It is also one of the most comfortable travel experiences you’ll ever have. Thanks to the vast rail system, you can get literally to any point of the country, enjoying beautiful England scenery.

Overall length of rail tracks in England

Overall length of rail tracks in England: 11,750 km / 7,301 mi

Types of trains in England

Types of trains in England: regular, high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of England routes sold on Rail Ninja: 15+

Fastest train speed in England

Fastest train speed of England trains: 200 kmh/125 mph


Top Choices for England Rail Journeys

Eurostar High-Speed Train

Connecting England and France, Eurostar high-speed trains are the most time-saving way to reach Paris from London and London from Paris. All Eurostar trains are modern and quick - their maximum speed is 300 kilometers per hour (186 mph). Among onboard amenities, you can enjoy air-conditioning and a train cafe together with a bar. For passengers’ convenience, Eurostar high-speed trains offer 3 travel classes: Standard, Standard Premier, and Business Premier.

Grand Central InterCity-Express Train

Grand Central is one of the best train operators in the UK. Traveling at a top speed of 200 km/h (125 mph), their InterCity-Express trains have everything you need during your England trip. Several travel classes will help you adjust the trip to your preferences and wonderful onboard amenities will enhance your journey. Enjoy comfortable seats, onboard food and beverages, and free Wi-Fi.

Enterprise Train

Operated by NIR and Irish Railways, Enterprise trains have a few coach classes and boast some amazing onboard amenities. Relax in ample seats in full comfort. Reaching a top speed of 145 km/h (90 mph), these Irish trains are a top choice on the Belfast - Dublin line, it takes just 2 hours to get to the final destination.


Commonly Asked Questions About Rail Travel in England


Does England have a high-speed rail?

It surely does! England railway meets all modern standards including high-speed trains. They serve 4 upgraded railway lines and run at top speeds of 200 km/h (125 mph ). Besides fastness, England high-speed trains provide comfortable onboard amenities to make you feel at home.

What is the oldest train station in England?

The oldest train station which is still in use is the Broad Green, Liverpool. It opened on September 17, 1830. But history remembers Liverpool’s Crown Street station, which opened just two days earlier than the Broad Green, on September 15, 1830. Unfortunately, it was demolished 6 years later.

What is the busiest train station in England?

London Waterloo is rightfully considered the busiest station with over 94 million entries and exits through the 2017-2018 period. London Victoria station comes second with about 74.9 million people entering and exiting the station.


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