How to choose between rail pass and point-to-point tickets?

When traveling Europe by rail one of the major brain wrecks is choosing between point-to-point tickets and Europe rail passes. Here are points you need to consider before making a decision:

  • What is a point-to-point ticket: it is a single use train ticket with specified time, date, and destinations of travel.

  • What is a rail pass: rail passes are issued for a certain period of time and provide travelers with the flexibility of choosing time, date, and destination of travel. There are multiple types of rail passes: single- or multi-country. Remember that rail pass holders are often charged an additional fee before boarding (amounts may exceed $25).

  • Rail ticket vs. Rail pass: we recommend to carefully think through your itinerary before deciding whether you require rail pass or a single use ticket. Rail passes only make sense if you're planning to ride Europe trains multiple times in countries with a well-developed railway network. Point-to-point tickets do not require any additional payments when boarding the train and are easier to use. With us, you can book rail tickets for even the most sophisticated European train route in several clicks.