Finland Railways: What to Know

One of the most unusual ways to traverse the country and enjoy its beauty to the fullest is taking a train. The well-developed Finnish railway network offers not only domestic but also cross-border connections and an extensive schedule for each route to match any travel plans. All trains in Finland are designed to meet modern standards and are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable ride. Below, we compiled some useful information about the Finnish trains, including the Finland train map and answers to the most popular questions.


Overall length of rail tracks in Finland

Overall length of rail tracks in Finland: 3 172 km

Types of trains in Finland

Types of trains in Finland: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Finnish routes sold on Rail Ninja: 5+

Fastest train speed in Finland

Fastest train speed of Finnish trains: 220 km/h


Top Choices for Finnish Train Travel

Alstom High-Speed Train

Running with a speed of 220 kph (136 mph), this bullet train is one of the best options to travel from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. The Alstom train boasts excellent service onboard and a flexible schedule featuring four daily departures on each route. The train has two coach classes, First and Second. Regardless of the class, all carriages are equipped with all necessary amenities, including cozy seats, power outlets, and free Wi-Fi.

High-Speed Pendolino Train 

Pendolino is a modern tilting train, a member of the Italian railway family that runs in Europe and Finland. One of the most popular directions to travel with Pendolino in Finland is Helsinki to Lahti. This type of express train is manufactured by Alstom Ferroviaria, which reaches speeds of up to 250 kph (217 mph) and offers high-quality service onboard. In addition, Pendolino train coaches feature comfortable seats, power outlets in the seats, information screens, and WiFi to assist explorers throughout their journey.

Santa Claus Overnight Express

Helsinki to Rovaniemi train is overnight double-decker is a great choice for those who want to add some magic to their Finland exploration. The so-called Santa train offers two classes to select from, both equipped with modern facilities, including power sockets, luggage racks, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. For the convenience of passengers, the train also has a restaurant car where you can buy some food and drinks.


What are the train types in Finland?

There are three main types of trains operating on the domestic Finnish rail routes as well as international ones, including regular, overnight, and high-speed trains. All trains in Finland are modern, well-equipped, and offer great onboard service.

Main train stations in Finland

The main train station in Finland is the Helsinki Central Station (Helsingin paarautatieasema), connecting the capital with other major hubs in the country. The station is located right in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by public transportation.

What is the best way to book Finland train tickets?

Nowadays, one of the most popular options to book tickets for rail transport in Finland is online. Using the Rail Ninja service, you can easily browse the train schedule and select the preferred type of train. Moreover, you can make a reservation as far as two years before your planned travel date!


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Finland Rail Map