Train Routes In Europe & the World

Want to connect your 3-day trip to Paris with a 4-day getaway to Amsterdam but aren't sure how to plan everything out best? Taking a train is one of the greatest ways to travel in Europe and the world, so no matter which destinations in Europe or the planet you feel like adding to your trip, with Rail Ninja mixing and matching is simple. We offer only smart decisions for your travel and make sure to provide you with tickets for good trains with no illogical connections to save your time and make for an enjoyable experience so you can take in scenic views and avoid the hustle and bustle of overcrowded hub airports. Find out more about the most popular routes in Europe and the world as well as get all necessary information on departures, travel time, connections. Book Europe train tickets as well as rail tickets to other coutries around the world with Rail Ninja - curated route planning & convenient online booking service for trains in Europe and the world.


Popular routes in Europe:

The fastest way to travel between the capital of Austria and Czechia is without a doubt on a train. With over 7 trains on the route it takes only about 4 hours to cover the distance of 403 km.

Simply the smartest choice to travel from Austria’s Vienna and Hungary’s Budapest is on a high-speed train. There are 7 trains on the route with average travel time of 2 hours and 40 minutes.

As with the previous two routes, taking a train from the capital of Hungary, Budapest, to the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is a good option. 7 trains connecting the cities in about 7 hours.

Among the most convenient options to travel from the German capital Berlin to Prague is on EuroCity high-speed trains that boast a travel time of only 4 hours 20 minutes and 6 trains to choose from.

Traveling from Paris to Amsterdam cannot be easier than on board any of the 11 direct high-speed trains run by Thalys, daily connecting the capital of France and Netherlands in 3 hours and 17 minutes.

The high-speed Thalys is a convenient option to travel between Belgium and the Netherlands. The train from Brussels to Amsterdam takes less than two hours.

Another wonderful Thalys route which is highly popular is the Paris to Brussels train. It covers 264 km in less than an hour and a half, connecting the capitals cities!

Can you think of two cities more romantic than Paris and Venice? Consider going on an overnight sleeper Thello train connecting them in 14 and a half hours.

Enjoy two Scandinavian beauties as in mere 6 hours you can travel from Sweden’s Stockholm to Norway’s Oslo. With up to 8 daily departures, high-speed SJ trains are a great choice.

If you’re planning a connection between Stockholm and Copenhagen, we advise to book high-speed train tickets. You can choose from 6 trains that cover 637 km in only 5 hours.

A train ride from Oslo to Bergen - trust us, this is an experience you don’t want to miss out on! Spend about 6 and a half hours in the beautiful surroundings of Norwegian nature and fjords.

Often referred to as “the world’s most beautiful train journey”, the 6-hour train ride from Oslo to Flam is a must-experience during any trip to Norway.

Britain boasts a vast modern rail network and the options for traveling from London to Edinburgh and back are immense: about 14 trains on the route, 4 and a half hours en route.

Oh Portugal, so much to see, so many places to travel to! Among the most popular train routes is Lisbon - Porto, with 7 trains chaining the two cities in less than 3 hours.

Treat yourself to a ride on a high-speed AVE train as you experience Spanish landscapes passing by your window. 13 daily departures and a short 3-hour ride from capital city, Madrid, to vibrant Barcelona.

With a travel time of less than 2 hours and a total of 12 daily trains to choose from, the Madrid - Valencia rail route is indeed among the top picks for rail travel in Spain.

From Costa Brava to Costa Blanca in 3.5 hours - easy! A total of 10 modern high-speed trains traveling at 192 mph connect the two exuberant Spanish cities Barcelona and Valencia.

Say “Ciao” to two iconic Italian cities as it takes only 1.5 hours to travel between Rome and Florence on train. Moreover, you can choose from about 10 daily departures.

Feel like relaxing on the coast of Naples or vise versa checking out the Colosseum? The travel time on the Rome - Naples rail route is a little over 1 hour, plus there are 12 trains on the route.


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