Domokou Avenue, Kolonos Athens, Greece

Welcome to the biggest railway station in Greece, the beautiful Athens Railway Station. This important transport hub is located right in the city center and services hundreds of visitors every day. Originally, the city boasted two railway stations, Larissa and Peloponnese, but eventually, they were merged and upgraded. Although it happened quite some time ago, the station is still unofficially known and often referred to as Larissa. One of the reasons is probably the eponymous metro station, set next to the rail hub. Inside, Athens rail station is very modern and well-equipped, boasting excellent in-house facilities and priding itself on excellent service. 



What to Know About Railway Station in Athens


What can I find at Athens train station?

As mentioned above, the station is very well-equipped and boasts excellent services. The travelers are welcome to take advantage of the ticket desks, bathrooms, comfortable waiting rooms, left luggage facilities, on-site parking, and several eateries.

How do I get from Athens airport to the train station?

The easiest way to travel between these major transport hubs is by metro train, as there are Larissa and Airport subway stations located near these Athens rail station and Athens airport respectively.


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