Roma Street, Brisbane, Australia
Located in the heart of the charming city of Brisban, the Roma Street railway station is one of the most important railway hubs in the country, boasting 10 platforms, 10 tracks, as well as rich historical heritage. It opened its doors for the public back in 1875, and since then changed several names, such as Brisbane Passenger Station, Brisbane Terminal Station, and Brisbane Terminus. As time passed, it became clear that the old complex can't handle the growing demand for rail travel, so the station was almost completely rebuilt. Interestingly, the original building of the stations wasn't demolished during the grand renovation, instead, it was a modern complex grew around it, and the old 19th-century building now listed as the Queensland Heritage.



What to Know About Brisbane's Roma Street Station


Where is Brisbane's Roma Street Station located?

The station complex boasts a fantastic location in the city center, not far from such amazing sights as the majestic Saint John's Cathedral and the striking Anzac Square Memorial.

Are there lockers at Roma Street station?

The project of a new modernized station complex does include luggage storage as well as many facilities, necessary to ensure the traveler's comfort. What is more, it also boasts a wide choice of shopping and dining options.


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