Bernstorffsgade 16 - 22, 1577, Copenhagen, Denmark

Located in the busy city enter, the Copenhagen Central train station is the biggest railway hub in Denmark, serving dozens of domestic and international routes on a daily basis. It was built on a place where the first-ever Copenhagen train station was located and opened its doors in 1911. The station boasts 7 platforms, 13 tracks, and a wide choice of in-house facilities, such as various restaurants and pubs, a post office, a bank as well as many others.

Have a Look Around the Copenhagen Central Station

The Copenhagen Central Station is not only the biggest but also is one of the busiest train stations in Denmark, making navigating the station complex a rather challenging task. Of course, you can always ask a tourist information office to help you find your way or check with one of the Copenhagen Central Station maps available inside, but it's always better to come prepared. To know what to expect when you go through the doors of the station, you can watch a short video below, offering to have a look at the station interior as well as the location of its main facilities.



Commonly Asked Questions About the Copenhagen Central Station


How many train stations are there in Copenhagen?

As mentioned above, the Copenhagen Central Station is the biggest train station in the Danish capial but it's far from being the only one. Striking Copenhagen boasts 84 railway stations, serving hundreds of Copenhagen S-trains (a rail network, serving Copenhagen urban area) every day.

How is the Copenhagen central station called?

The main Copenhagen railway station is called Kobenhavns Hovedbanegard in Danish, but you can also see or hear an abbreviation of its name, Kobenhavn H.

Where is the Copenhagen central station?

As its name suggests, the Copenhagen Central train station is located right in the heart of Denmark's capital and is easily reachable by public transport. Plus, such amazing Copenhagen sights as the Tivoli Gardens, National Museum of Denmark, and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek are located within walking distance from the station.

Is there any Copenhagen central station luggage storage at the station?

The main Copenhagen station is very well-equipped, offering travelers everything you would expect from a modern railway station. Inside you can find the Copenhagen central station left luggage facility, comfortable waiting room, car rental service, restrooms, currency exchange point, dozens of Copenhagen train station maps, scattered throughout the building as well as big boards, providing a timetable of the closest Copenhagen central station train departures.

How to get from the Copenhagen central station to the airport?

There are several ways to travel from the Copenhagen railway station to the airport, but taking a fast train is the most popular option. There is a direct train, going between the main rail station in the city and Copenhagen airport. It departs every 10 minutes right from the station and can take you to the airport in a matter of 13 minutes. The tickets for the train can be purchased right at the Copenhagen Central rail station and they cost approximately 7 - 10 USD (or 45 - 65 KR in the local currency).

How do I buy a train ticket in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen boasts an extensive railway network, making a train ride one of the most popular ways of traveling through the city. Of course, it's possible to purchase a ticket at the train station, but this way doesn't guarantee that everything will run smoothly. For example, you may encounter such unpleasantries as huge lines, already sold-out tickets or even a language barrier issue. To make sure that your rail journey goes as smoothly as possible, we recommend buying your train tickets online. Our Rail Ninja service allows you to purchase your train tickets in a matter of several minutes and you don't even need to leave your house to do that! A user-friendly interface, several languages as well as a vast choice of Copenhagen train routes and departures make Rail Ninja one of the most convenient ways of obtaining your Copenhagen train tickets.


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