Gyo 2(i)-dong, Gangneung, South Korea

Gangneung station is a train station on the Yeongdong Line in Gyo-dong, Gangneung, South Korea. Recently, the railway station in Gangneung has been renovated and transformed. After renovation, the station has it all - great customer service, plenty of space, and comfortable seats. It's centrally located to make getting anywhere a breeze. Plus, the modern design and decorations at Gangneung Railway Station will leave you feeling in good spirits while traveling on your next railway adventure!



What to Know About Gangneung Station


Is there public transportation to/from the station?

Yes, Gangneung Station features a few bus stop around; you can take 206, 207, 223,230 buses.

What are the main attractions near the station?

Gangneung station is surrounded by plenty of famous sights. You will need less than 20 minutes to walk to reach historical gardens and palaces.


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