Hauptbahnhof, Europaplatz 1, Berlin, Germany

The Hauptbahnhof Station is the central rail station in glorious Berlin as well as one of the busiest railway hubs in Europe. Every day it welcomes approximately 350 000 travelers and over 1800 trains depart from/arrive to the station on a daily basis! The station's building is very light and spacious, its ceiling features large openings allowing the sunlight to reach even the underground levels. One of its most interesting places is the 221 m (725 ft) long glass tunnel, offering not only a convenient connection but truly remarkable views as well.

Have a Look Inside the Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Taking into account that the Hauptbahnhof train station is one of the biggest in Europe, finding your way around the station might be a tricky task, especially for the travelers who are there for the first time. To get an idea of what to expect when you enter the vast complex and where you should go first, check out the video below.



What to Know About the Hauptbahnhof Train Station


Where is the Hauptbahnhof Station in Berlin?

Stylish Hauptbahnhof is nestled in central Berlin not far from such amazing sights as the Hamburger Bahnhof, Deutsches Theater, and the Friedrichstadt-Palast.

How to get to the Hauptbahnhof Station?

Boasting a great location in the heart of Berlin, the Hauptbahnhof railway station is easily accessible via public transport. You can get there by taking an S-Bahn train (routes S3, S5, S7, and S9), a bus (routes M41, 123, M85, N20, 142, 147, 120, 245, N40, TXL, RE3 or RE5), a tram (routes M10, M5, and M8), a train (routes RE1, RE2, RE3, RE4, RE5, RE7 or RB10) or via the metro (line U5).

What to find at the Hauptbahnhof Station?

Hauptbahnhof is one of the most modern stations in Europe. Inside you can find several comfortable waiting rooms fitted with Berlin station maps, ticket offices, ATMs, restaurants, shops, and a supermarket if you need to stock up for the trip.

Are there any left luggage facilities at the station?

Yes, there are. The Hauptbahnhof luggage storage is located in area C (outside the main building of the station). Depending on the size of your luggage, be ready to pay something around 4-6 Euros per day for the service.

Does the Hauptbahnhof Station have a first-class lounge?

There is a DB Lounge at the station, offering top-notch service for the first-class passengers as well as the BahnComfort customers. The lounge provides everything the travelers might need for a stress-free stay, including comfortable seating areas and impeccable service.

Is there free Wi-Fi at the Hauptbahnhof Station?

All visitors are given 30 minutes of free internet access. After the half an hour is over, travelers will be offered several options, allowing to continue using the Wi-Fi in exchange for a small fee.

Is there a direct train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to the Schonefeld Airport?

You can travel between Hauptbahnhof and the Berlin airport by a direct Airport Express train. The first train departs at 4.30 a.m., the last one sets off at 11 p.m. The trains run approximately every 30 minutes.


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Photos of Berlin's Hauptbahnhof Station


Berlin's Hauptbahnhof Station Interiors
Berlin Hauptbahnhof Station Interiors Platform of the Hauptbahnhof Station
Berlin Hauptbahnhof Station Train PlatformHauptbahnhof Station's Second Floor
Berlin Hauptbahnhof Station