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The imposing Keleti train station is one of the most significant buildings in scenic Hungary. It's not just Budapest's main train station (as well as the biggest rail hub in the country) but also one of the most beautiful protected heritage buildings in the city. The station was designed by Chief Engineer Gyula Rochlitz who visited all the best railway stations in Europe in search of inspiration. Upon the opening of the Keleti railway station in 1884, its lobby was decorated with the works by the most famous Hungarian painters and the facade of the building was adorned with the sculptures of James Watt and George Stephenson, two British mechanical engineers who played a vital part in the development of the railway system. Both of the sculptures have survived to this day.

Have a Look Around the Keleti Train Station

The video below takes you on a quick tour around the beautiful Hungarian station and allows to get acquainted with its interiors as well as the location of some of the main facilities at Budapest's central train station.



What to Know About the Keleti Rail Station


Where is the Keleti station in Budapest?

Finding the Keleti station on a map of Budapest is not a difficult task. It is nestled right in the city center, nor far from the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena and the Fiumei uti sirkert.

How to get to the Keleti station?

In order to reach the station, you can take a trolleybus (route numbers 73, 76, 78, 79, 80, and 80A), a bus (route numbers 5, 7, 7E, 8E, 20E, 30, 30A, 108E, 110, 112, 133E, 178, 230), a tram (route number 24) or you can travel via the underground. Conveniently, there is the Keleti metro station named "Keleti Palyudvar" (which translates as Keleti Railway Station) nearby, served by the red M2 and M4 green lines.

What to find on the Keleti rail station?

The Keleti rail station is the biggest and the most well-equipped train station in the city. Inside you can find a wide range of facilities, including the information center, several banks and ATMs, comfortable waiting areas, a few bars and cafes, as well as a supermarket. To navigate around the station, you can use one of the Keleti station maps available inside.

How many platforms are there on the Keleti train station?

There are 18 platforms at the station. In the center, you can find platforms 6 - 9, the busiest platforms at Keleti. As a rule, the high-speed Railjet trains to Munich, Zurich, Salzburg, and Vienna take off from platform 9. However, if you have a ticket for a sleeper train to the city of Munich or Zurich, most likely you'll need to go to platform number 7. But keep in mind that the platforms and timetable may change throughout the day, so it's necessary to check the list of Keleti station departures on one of the information boards when you arrive.

Is there any Keleti luggage storage at the station?

At Keleti left luggage lockers are available underneath platform 7. There is a wide range of lockers of different sizes, most of them accept Forint coins in order to be used but you can find a few accepting Euro coins as well.

Can I rent a car at the Keleti railway station?

Yes, you can. The Sixt rental company offers its services at the station from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on weekends.

Does the Keleti train station have first-class lounge facilities?

Yes, it does. Travelers who possess a first-class international ticket to/from charming Budapest are welcome to use the first-class business lounge, offering complimentary drinks and snacks. It works from 6 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. from Monday to Sunday and you should look for it near platform 9.

How can I travel from the Keleti train station to the airport?

You can travel from the Keleti station to the airport of Budapest by taking a direct Express bus X9.


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