37 Palaiologou, PC 412 23, Larissa, Greece
The story of the station began in 1884, an original building of the station was designed by a famous Italian engineer Evaristo de Chirico. Its twin sibling was built in Volos. Unfortunately, the original facade didn't live to see today. It was severely damaged in 1957 when the city was hit by a terrible earthquake, so a new modern and beautiful complex was built in its place. Interestingly, in 2005, part of the train station complex was given over to a museum that uses the rooms to exhibit railway Paraphernalia from the 1930s.



Larissa Train Station Guide


Is Larissa Railway Station in Athens or in Larissa?

The scenic capital of Greece houses Athens Railway Station, colloquially known among locals by its ex name - Larissa Station. While the railway hub in Larissa is officially called Larissa Railway Station.

What can I find at the station?

The station boasts four platforms and six tracks, as well as a great choice of in-house facilities, such as ticket desks, waiting room, bathrooms, and on-site parking. What is more, there is a buffet and a nice coffee shop at your service at Larissa Railway Station.


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