Skeppsbron 1, 211 20 , Malmö, Sweden

Malmo Central Stationis a railway station on the Southern Main Line in Malmö, Sweden, that opened in 1856. It serves approximately 17 million passengers per year. With the opening of City Tunnel in 2010, the station began through services connecting south to Copenhagen via the Öresund Line, to stations north on the Southern Main Line, saving at least 15 minutes for through passengers. The tunnel tracks make up tracks 1-4, and most traffic has shifted to this new lower level of Malmö Central Station.

Sneak Peek Inside the Malmo Central Station

To help you better understand what Warsaw's train station looks like, consider watching the video below, showing the interiors of the building.



What to Know About Malmo Central Station


Is there any luggage storage at the station?

Yes, at the station you can find luggage storage.

Is parking free?

No, at the station you should pay for parking.


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