102 Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Central Railway Station is the main stopping point for most visitors traveling to Sofia by train. Located in Bulgaria's capital, it's the major and the largest train station in the country, serving over 10,000 people daily and providing an average of 166 trains. Sofia Central train station was renovated in 2016, since then the station features modern facilities making it a more pleasant experience. Plus, travelers can easily reach Sofia's railway station because there are public bus and tram stops next to it.

The Largest Burgarian Train Station by Volume: Sofia Central

Sofia Central is a large railway station with many modern amenities. Check out the video to get a brief insight into the Sofia Central Station interiors and get a better understanding of how to navigate around this busy yet spectacular train station.



Getting Around Sofia Central Railway Station


Where is Sofia Central Railway Station located?

Sofia Central Railway Station is located only 1 km north of the city center, at Knyaginya Maria Louise Blvd. nearby the famous Lions Bridge (also known as Lavov most).

What sights to see near Sofia Central Railway Station?

Sofia Central Station is situated nearby the city center, meaning travelers can reach numerous prominent landmarks, including the best-known the Church of St Paraskeva, the Amphitheater of Serdica, and the City Garden.


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