Brattøra, Trondheim , Norway

Trondheim Central Station is the main railway station serving the city of Trondheim, Norway. Located at Brattøra in the north part of the city centre, it is the terminus of the Dovre Line, running southwards, and the Nordland Line, which runs north.

Train services are provided by the Norwegian State Railways both north- and southbound. Four services a day and one night train operate to Oslo Central Station, while there is one day and one night train to Bodø, with an additional afternoon departure to Mo i Rana.

Sneak Peek Inside the Trondheim Central Station

To help you better understand what Warsaw's train station looks like, consider watching the video below, showing the interiors of the building.



What to Know About Trondheim Central Station


What facilities does the Trondheim Central station have?

The station is quite spacious and provides a wide range of amenities an ordinary station doesn't commonly have. There are several kiosks and cafes, as well as a car park, taxicabs, bicycle stands and baggage lockers. The station and platforms are wheelchair accessible, and a pre-booked escort service is available.

Is the station far from the airport?

This station is 35 min train ride from the airport (Trondheim Lufthavn train station).


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