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Victoria Station or London Victoria is the second busiest railway station in the United Kingdom, serving over 74 million passengers per year. Named after nearby Victoria Street, it connects the Brighton mainline to Gatwick Airport. Also, it operates most commuter and regional trains to the south and east London, Sussex, parts of east Surrey, and Kent. Combined with the Underground Station, the London Victoria railway station brings plenty of tourists to London's attractions, including nearby Buckingham Palace and London Eye.

The Second Largest British Train Station by Volume: Victoria Station

Victoria Station attracts with its stunning architecture and famous landmarks nearby. Check out the video to get a brief insight into the London Victoria Station interiors and get a better understanding of how to navigate around this busy yet spectacular train station.



Getting Around London Victoria Railway Station


Is Victoria Station open 24 hours?

Yes, London Victoria is open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. However, the doors upstairs for 14 and 14 platforms are open from 03:15 until 00:45.

Where can I leave my luggage in London Victoria?

You can leave your luggage at Excess Baggage Company, located between 7 and 8 platforms. The service time is from 7 am to midnight from Monday to Sunday.

How many platforms does Victoria Station have?

Being one of the busiest railway stations in the UK, Victoria Station features 19 platforms, each with ticket barriers. The eastern side (Chatham) provides platforms 1-8, and the western (Brighton) side has platforms 9-19.


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