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Nestled in the heart of the striking UK's capital, the St. Pancras International is something bigger than a simple train station, it's truly one of the most fascinating transport hubs of London comparable with the world-famous King's Cross Station (located just across the road from St. Pancras by the way). The station's beautiful Victorian building is a living history, dating back to 1868. Inside, you can find everything you would expect from a top-notch train station, including comfortable waiting rooms, several ticket offices, ATMs, St. Pancras left-luggage facilities, free Wi-Fi, numerous shops, bars, and cafes to brighten up the waiting hours. But that's not all, the station also boasts several beautiful monuments scattered around the complex, the longest champagne bar in the world (look for it on the upper level of the station), and even a stylish hotel!

Have a Look Inside London's St. Pancras Int Station

The fact that the station is one of the busiest transport hubs of the city is not the only thing why the amazing place worth taking a closer look, especially if you a railfan. What sets St. Pancras apart from the rest of the significant stations around the world is that you can actually live inside it! Yes, that's right. The station complex houses a top-notch hotel, providing everything a traveler needs for a worry-free stay, including the amazing views over the lower level of the station. If it sounds interesting, you can check a short video below, taking you around the parts of the St. Pancras Int train station that are usually hidden from the public eye with one of the station residents as your knowledgable guide.



Commonly Asked Question About St. Pancras Railway Station


Why is it called St Pancras?

The railway stations owe its name to the St. Pancras neighborhood, which, in turn, got it from the Pancras of Rome, a 14-year-old Christian boy who chose to be executed over rejecting his faith.

Is Kings Cross and St Pancras the same thing?

Although both King's Cross and St Pancras train stations are nestled side by side, they are two different railway hubs. King's Cross is the East Coast Main Line terminus station, serving trains to Cambridge, Doncaster, York, Leeds, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, as well as many others. St Pancras rail station, on the other hand, boasts a title of the Midland Main Line terminus station where you can catch a train to Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Bedford, Luton, Kent, Paris, and Brussels.

How far St Pancras to Kings Cross?

As mentioned above, these rail stations are located side by side, so it can take from 3 to 15 minutes, depending on which part of the station do you leave from/head to.

Where in London is St Pancras station?

The railway station boasts a fantastic location in the city center, nestled next to such amazing landmarks of the city as the impressive British Library, picturesque Regent's Canal, and the world-famous King's Cross railway station, serving trains to the best school of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts (according to the Harry Potter franchise).

Does St Pancras have a tube station?

Yes, it does. The St Pancras International shares the metro station with the neighboring King's Cross railway station. The tube station is called King's Cross St Pancras and together with the train stations mentioned above they form one of the biggest transport hubs in the United Kingdom.

What trains leave from St Pancras International railway station?

Several trains serve the station, so let's stay on the subject for a moment. At St. Pancras you can take a Eurostar train (platforms 5-10) to Lille, Paris, Brussels, one of the South Eastern trains (platforms 11-13) to Kent, a Thameslink train (platforms A&B) to Croydon, Gatwick Airport, Brighton, Luton, and Bedford or one of the Midland Mainline trains to Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, and Sheffield.

What platform do Eurostar trains depart from at St Pancras?

If you have a Eurostar train to catch, you need to go to the platforms 5-10. It's easy to spot them as they are enclosed with glass security walls (if you need help navigating, you can always ask one of the station's workers or check with one of the St Pancras station maps available inside).

How early do you need to be at St Pancras to catch a Eurostar train?

We recommend arriving at the station at least 45 - 60 minutes prior to departure as the ticket gates close 30 minutes before departure for the Standart/Standart Premier ticket holders and half an hour for those who have Business Premier/Carte Blanche tickets. As a rule, arriving an hour earlier should give you enough time to pass the ticket gates as well as security checks and passport control points.

How many platforms does St Pancras have?

The railway station is one of the biggest railway hubs in the country, boasting 15 platforms.

How do I get from Heathrow to St Pancras station?

The fastest connection between those major transport hubs is a subway. The metro trains offer a broad departure schedule and promise to complete the journey in under 40 minutes.


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