Stasjonsvegen 5, 5700, Voss, Norway

Voss Railway Station is a railway station on the Bergen Line located in the village of Vossevangen in the municipality of Voss in Vestland county, Norway. It sits just off the European route E16 highway on the northwestern shore of the lake Vangsvatnet. The station was opened as the original terminal station of the Voss Line in 1883. It is served by express trains to Bergen and Oslo and the Bergen Commuter Rail, all operated by Vy. Most commuter trains terminate at Voss, but up to seven per day continue on to Myrdal.

Sneak Peek Inside the Voss Railway Station

To help you better understand what Warsaw's train station looks like, consider watching the video below, showing the interiors of the building.



What to Know About Voss Railway Station Station


What is located near the Voss Station?

You can find all the necessary facilities near the station, including shops, a restaurant, and the hotel.

Are there taxis available nearby?

Yes, taxis are available just outside the station.


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