Travel on train is indeed an experience on its own, so it's no surprise that rail is among the most favored transportation options both in Europe and around the globe. Hundreds of people have rides on scenic train routes, such as the Flamsbana in Norway, on their bucket list, yet there's more to trains than just the vistas. Apart from great views out the large train windows and provided modern facilities, high-speed bullets often beat airplanes in price and overall travel time, especially when taking into mind such perks as departures and arrivals from stations which are located right in the city centers as well as the lack of necessity in arriving at the airport several hours before the flight, both saving your extra hours. Below you can find short information about some of the most popular train brands in Europe and the world.


Alfa Pendular High-Speed Train

Consider going on a high-speed Alfa Pendular train from Lisbon to Porto. Completely renovated in 2017, these fast trains were designed to travel in comfort.


Allegro High-Speed Train

Save your time and travel on train from St. Petersburg to Helsinki on a high-speed Allegro train, on which customs are taken care of on the go.


Ave High-Speed Train

Enjoy great Spanish landscapes as you travel on train from Madrid to Barcelona or on any of the other 7 Ave routes.


Eurocity High-Speed Train

Have Central Europe on your radar? Take advantage of the extensive list of the EuroCity bullet train routes, including the popular Prague to Munich.


Eurostar High-Speed Train

Make a wise choice and travel in safety and comfort on a modern fast Eurostar train from Paris to London in less than 3 hours.


Flamsbana Scenic Train

Is the world's most scenic railway, Flamsbana, on your wishlist? Have a journey to remember for many years and travel on train to Flam, Norway!


Italo High-Speed Train

Connecting a total of 13 Italian cities, Italo trains are a convenient way to travel in Italy. Learn about the high-speed Italo train.


KTX High-Speed Train

Going to enchanting South Korea? Enrich you trip by the best and fastest travel option - KTX high-speed trains.


Nightjet Overnight Train

Have a relaxing snooze as you travel from Zurich to Vienna, and other Central Europe routes, on the wonderful Nightjet train.


NSB Train

Get ahold of the outstanding views of the Norwegian countryside on the NSB train from Oslo to Bergen and other routes.


Railjet High-Speed Train

Planning to travel on train from Vienna to Budapest or Vienna to Prague? Here's everything you need to know about the high-speed Railjet train.


Santa Claus Train

Ever wished to visit Santa and his helpers in the official residence in Rovaniemi? Make your way to Lapland from Helsinki.


Sapsan High-Speed Train

If you're planning to travel from Moscow to Saint Petersburg on train, go on the most comfortable train in Russia, the high-speed Sapsan train.


SJ High-Speed Train

Taking SJ trains is an easy way to travel from city to city in Sweden and its nearby countries. Read more about the high-speed SJ train.


Thalys High-Speed Train

Hop on a comfortable and time-saving Thalys train if you're planning to travel from Paris to Amsterdam or Amsterdam to Brussels.