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Bordeaux to Paris Train Information

If there is a trip from Bordeaux to Paris in your travel plans, you can't go wrong by choosing to travel between these incredible French cities onboard a fast and modern train. The Bordeaux - Paris railway route is served by renowned TGV trains, a shining example of what modern trains should be like. They boast fantastic onboard amenities (such as cushy seats, ample legroom, and more than generous luggage space), fast travel times, and a broad timetable, making it very easy to plan a trip. With Rail Ninja, you can not only book the tickets for any Bordeaux to Paris but also do it for up to 2 years before the planned journey!

Bordeaux to Paris Train Review & Rating

The travel time was a pleasant surprise, didn't think it's possible to make this journey so fast.

Edwart Stuart about traveling from Bordeaux to Paris