731 km

Vienna to Brussels Train Information

When traveling from Vienna to Brussels, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the wide spread of Austria and Belgium on board a comfortable night train. OBB Nightjeet is the best option to travel between the two cities. Cozy train cars are equipped with all amenities needed for a pleasant journey making OBB Nightjet train is a perfect option for families and groups of friends. Covering the distance of 731 km (454 mi), the night train departs from Vienna Hauptbahnhof and takes you on a 14-hour journey in absolute comfort. There is an option for those who want to get to Brussels faster. Just take a regular OBB train, the whole travel will take about 10 hours. In general, there are up to 4 departures from Vienna, so book the best Vienna to Brussels nigh train tickets with Rail Ninja.

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