Jungang-dong, Cheonan, South Korea

The oldest station in the city, the Cheonan railway hub, opened its door over a hundred years ago - in 1905. Back then, it served only the Gyeongbu Line, connecting the wonderful cities of Busan and Seoul. Clearly, the station grew significantly since then and today operates also the Janghang Line and even the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Line 1. Cheonan Station boasts four platforms and eight tracks, as well as a wide choice of on-site facilities, such as an ATM, charging point, shoe-shining machine, and even a photo boot, in case you need a quick ID photo. Plus, there are quite a few eateries, located on the premises. Below, you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Cheonan station.



What to Know About Cheonan Station?


Can I catch a KTX train at the station?

No, high-speed KTX trains stop at the Cheonan-Asan station, while Cheonan rail hub operates all Saemaul, Mugunghwa, ITX-Saemaul, Nuriro trains, as well as trains S and O.

Is there left lugagge service at the station available?

Yes, the travelers are welcome to leave their belongings in the paid-for luggage lockers located near the shoe-shining machine. This is a very useful service for those who plan to explore the nearby area while waiting for a train. Cheonan station is nestled within walking distance from an impressive shopping area, a modern cinema, and even a traditional Korean market.


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