1012, Budapest, Hungary

The stylish Deli train station is one of 3 major railway hubs in Budapest (along with the historical Nyugati and impressive Keleti stations). It opened its door for the first time back in 1861, but, unfortunately, not much of the original complex has survived to this day, as Deli station was significantly damaged during WW2. Because of that, the railway complex was rebuilt in 1975, and now the station boasts just a modern facade, but also a wide choice of in-house facilities, providing everything a traveler needs for a pleasant stay.

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Commonly Asked Question About Deli Rail Station


Where is Deli Railway Station in Budapest located?

The railway station is set in Budapest's 1st district, near such remarkable landmarks as the Hospital in the Rock Museum or the inspiring Church of Saint Mary Magdalene.

How to get from Keleti railway station to Nyugati train station?

The easiest way to travel between those major railway hubs is by taking a metro train. Both of the stations are served by the second subway line (East-West), and you need to travel only 7 stops.


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