Südtiroler Pl. 7, 5020, Salzburg, Austria

Stylish Salzburg Hauptbahnhof (also known as the Salzburg Central Station) is the main train station in this beautiful Austrian city, offering dozens of domestic and international routes. It's nestled on the border with Germany which makes it a vital transport connection between the beautiful countries, served by both the Austrian Railways and German Rail. The original station building goes back to the 19th century although only the historically-listed central platform and the main entrance hall have remained practically intact after the grand renovation of 2009-2014.

Have a Look Inside the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof Train Station

The Salzburg Hbf is very well-organized and finding your way around the rail station shouldn't be a problem (although keep in mind that you can always ask for directions at the Tourist Information point or check out one of the central Salzburg station maps, available inside). But if you want to make sure that navigating around the station will go as smoothly as possible, you can watch the short video below, offering to have a look behind the station's doors.



Getting Around the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof Railway Station


Where is the main Salzburg railway station, Salzburg Hbf?

The stylish station is nestled a 15-minute walk away from the historic city center, nor far from the iconic Mirabell Palace.

What can I find at the Salzburg Hbf station?

Being the most important rail hub in Salzburg, the station boasts an impressive number of facilities, including a Tourist Information point, police station, luggage storage, waiting area, car rental company, the Lost & Found and ticket offices, several restrooms, Wi-Fi, and even public payphones.

Are there any left baggage facilities at the Salzburg Hbf rail station?

You are welcome to use the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof left luggage facilities as well as the "Lost and Found" office, providing assistance in case you have lost your baggage at the station.

Does Salzburg Hbf rail terminal have a first-class lounge?

The travelers who possess a 1st class or a sleeper train ticket are welcome to take advantage fo the station's OBB Lounge, offering comfortable waiting rooms, a choice of drinks and snacks, and complimentary Wi-Fi to the visitors.

Is there a direct train from Salzburg Hbf to Salzburg Mozart Airport?

No, there are no trains going to the airport. But you can travel between these major transport hubs by taking a bus number two, departing near the station.


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