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Salzburg to Prague Train Information

Already planning your upcoming Europe exploration? Then you should know that taking a train from Salzburg to Prague is probably the most romantic way to see the best what the fairy-tale Chech Republic and wonderful Austria has to offer. Operated by OBB, the Austrian Federal Railways, modern Salzburg to Prague trains cover the distance of 378 km (234 mi) between cities in less than 6 hours offering all needed for a pleasant ride amenities, featuring comfortable seats, spacious legroom, generous luggage racks, and free Wi-Fi. Moreover, during the trip, you get to see plenty of scenic towns and villages, so make sure to sit by the window to enjoy the amazing view.


Is there a direct train from Salzburg to Prague?

No, no direct trains are serving this route. Some trains from Salzburg reach the Chezh Republic's capital via Wien Hbf (Vienna Main Railway Station).

Is the train ride from Salzburg to Prague scenic?

During the ride, you'll pass many scenic European towns as Pardubice, Brno, Breclav, and Vienna, among others. Relax, stretch out, and let yourself get charmed by the stunning countryside of Austria and the Chezh Republic while seated cozily in a spacious seat.

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Salzburg to Prague Train Review & Rating

If you are looking for an alternate to flying, this is the perfect way to go

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