Events in Europe

What could make your trip to Europe even more memorable? Attending a local event, of course! European countries host hundreds of unique events every year from gastronomic festivals to exuberant traditional celebrations. To help you plan your time in Europe prior to your trip we created a guide of top events you can consider attending. Learn about the top upcoming events and book tickets to festivals, concerts, performances and cultural events.


Events in Austria

When in Austria, prepare to be surrounded by an atmosphere like no other! This country takes pride in its musical heritage therefore extravaganzas like Mozart Week, International Music Festival, Vienna Festival, Vienna Jazz Festival, Festival of Early Music will be a highlight of your memorable journey to Austria.

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Events in Hungary

Immerse yourself in Hungary’s fairy-tale castles and thermal baths, and don’t miss out on attending at least one local event or musical concert. Hungarian festivities are second to none, steeped in tradition and culture, events like the Buso Festival of Mohacs carnival or the annual purple Lavender Festival in Tihany are a must.

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Events in Norway

Apart from Norway’s stunning nature, traditional Norwegian events, holidays, festivities and celebrations can help you embrace yourself in the authentic side of the country and see genuine local life. Plus Norway holds extraordinary annual events such as the Ice Music concert where musicians play instruments carved of ice.

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Events in Spain

Tune into the beat of Spain, home to vibrant and unique festivals and celebrations! Depending on the region, locals hold many one-of-a-kind events you simply can’t miss: the bull-running festival in Pamplona, the human towers building competition in Tarragona, the grape crushing harvest festivals in Rioja, numerous sports events and more.

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Events in Portugal

Portugal’s energetic culture attracts thousands of visitors annually with its Fado music, fantastic wine shows, gastronomic events, chocolate festivals, marathons, regattas, music and theater events. Portuguese traditional music performances, gastronomic tastings and cultural events and bespoke festivals can adorn any trip to this country.

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Events in Italy

You probably didn’t know this but Italians hold so many annual events, that it is even said that there are more Italian festivals than there are days in the calendar. From the Almond Blossom Festival in Agrigento and the exquisite Carnevale masks festival in Venice, to Juliet’s Birthday in Verona or Pisan New Year - the opportunities are endless.

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Events in Czechia

Czechia, a land with rich culture, beautiful nature and delicious cuisine. During your getaway to this country take advantage of its vibrant festivals, among which are unique events like the Almond and Wine festival, the pagan Walpurgis Night holiday, folklore performances, and gastro fests like Prague Food Festival.

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Events in Sweden

There’s more to Sweden than architecture and nature! A perfect way to brighten up your Swedish getaway is to appreciate its many museums and exhibits, attend numerous cultural events, festivals, pagan celebrations and shows. Plus if you’re a Viking fan there are many thematic leisure variants that await you in Sweden.

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Events in Denmark

Shake up your trip to Denmark by paying a visit to its museums, national parks, concerts and events such as the Roskilde music festival, the summer Viking Festival or the bright Fire Festival Regatta in Silkeborg. We’re sure that they will help you take in the vibe of the happiest country in the world!

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Events in Finland

Spend a great time in Finland and enjoy fun festivities like the Savonlinna Opera Festival, or Walpurgis Night with bonfires and choirs. What is more, enliven your journey with visits to cultural, art, and literature events and film festivals or traditional Finnish amusements.

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Events in Russia

Motherland of ballet, rich culture and unique historic heritage, Russia provides travelers with endless entertainment options. A classical ballet performance, national dance show, exhibition gastronomic tasting or traditional Maslenitsa celebration can all make for an insightful trip.

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