The train station system of magnificent Russia's capital can be a bit confusing. Read all you need to know about rail stations in Moscow.
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Moscow train station
Komsomolskaya square 5, Moscow, Russia
1259 km
Warsaw train stations
Kijowska, 00-001, Warsaw, Poland
Aleje Jerozolimskie 54, 00-001, Warsaw, Poland
00-001 , Warszawa, Poland
00-001 Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

Moscow to Warsaw Train Information

If you have a trip from Moscow to Warsaw in mind, taking a train is always a great idea, as a high-speed train can cover the distance between the cities in a matter of time! Apart from being one of the fastest means to travel, a train ride is also among the most comfortable ones. All trains serving the Moscow to Warsaw railway route are modern, safe, and well-equipped. The passengers are welcome to take advantage of cushy seats, generous legroom, and more than enough space for the luggage during the journey. What is more, the trains boast impeccable punctuality and a broad schedule, making planing a railway trip from Moscow to Warsaw as easy as ABC.