Shortest travel time:
3 d 11 h 35 m
Longest travel time:
3 d 13 h 35 m
Lowest train ticket cost:
Avg. daily departures:
Earliest departure:
Latest departure:
The train station system of magnificent Russia's capital can be a bit confusing. Read all you need to know about rail stations in Moscow.
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Moscow train stations
Leningradsky Station
Komsomolskaya Square 5, Moscow, Russia
Kurskiy Station
Zemlyanoi Val str. 29, Moscow, Russia
Kazanskiy station
2 Komsomolskaya Square, 107976 Russia, Moscow, Russia
Belorusskiy station
Tverskaya Zastava Square, 7, Moscow, Russia
Yaroslavskiy station
5 Komsomolskaya pl., 107140, Moscow, Russia , Moscow, Russia
Kievskiy station
Kiyevsky Station Square, 1, Moscow, Russia
Paveletskiy station
Paveletskaya pl., 1, Moscow, Russia
Rizhskiy station
Rizhskaya Square, Moscow, Russia
Vostochniy station
MCK Lokomotiv, Cherkizovo, Moscow, Russia
4592 km
Irkutsk train station
1 Chelnokovo str., Irkutsk, Russia

Moscow to Irkutsk Train Information

Experience the half of the Trans-Siberian Railway traveling from stunning Moscow to the gem of Siberia, Irkutsk. A modern night train provides a wonderful traveling experience, covering 4592 km (2853 mi), which is almost half of the Trans-Siberian Railway, one of the longest railway lines in the world. Moscow to Irkutsk night train trip is a good chance to have a rest taking pleasure in dramatic Russian landscapes and an authentic atmosphere as your journey will last about 3.5 days. Remember that there are up to 3 departures per day, so it would be wise to plan your journey ahead and book the best train tickets with Rail Ninja!

Moscow to Irkutsk Train Timetable

Train type
Fastest trip
Longest trip
Morning trains
3 d 11 hrs 35 min
3 d 13 hrs 35 min

Trains on Moscow - Irkutsk Route

Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
Russian railways
Russian railways
Night train
3 d 11 hrs 35 min

Moscow to Irkutsk Train Review & Rating

Very satisfying trip! The adventure and the views were amazing!

Josh Tram about traveling from Moscow to Irkutsk