Komsomolskaya Square 5, Moscow, Russia

Pronounced "Leningradskiy vokzal" in Russian and also referred to as "Moscow-Passazhirskaya", this station is the major hub for all trains connecting Moscow with the northern capital, St. Petersburg, the city which was formerly called Leningrad, thus, explaining the station's name. It is also the main Moscow station for the high-speed Sapsan trains that are, undoubtedly, the most convenient and time-saving way to travel between the two cities. The original building dates back to 1851 and is the oldest of the 9 train stations in Moscow. Interestingly, the buildings of the Leningradsky Station in Moscow and the Moskovsky Station in St. Petersburg (greeting the departed trains on the other end) are twins!

Video Guide of the Leningradsky Railway Station

Take a sneak peek inside Moscow's Leningradsky Railway Station! This exclusive video offers a unique insight into the building, taking you from the platform to the station's main hall, and provides numerous handy tips.



Getting Around Moscow's Leningradsky Rail Station


How to get to the Leningradskiy vokzal train station?

This Moscow station is placed in the central part of the Russian capital on the Komsomolskaya Square. The station can be easily reached by public transport, especially via the metro. The metro station is called Komsomolskaya and is part of the red line, fun fact: opened in 1952, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful Moscow metro stops due to platform's ornate interiors!

What to find on the Leningradsky Station?

Although the building is more than 170 years old, its interiors are modern and up to date. Inside the station, you can find waiting areas, bathrooms, ticket desks and a help desk, a safe luggage room for keeping your belongings for a small fee, numerous petite shops and places to get some snacks and coffee before you depart.

How many platforms are there on the Leningradsky train station?

There are 6 platforms on the Leningradskiy station and 10 rail tracks. Being one of the busiest rail hubs in the city, on average, over 100 trains (both regional and long-distance) depart from this station daily, and about the same number arrives.

What to know about boarding trains on Leningradsky Station?

Those who are planning to travel by train from this station must keep in mind that several security checks and screenings must be passed prior to boarding your train. Therefore, it is wise to save at least 30 minutes before the departure for passing the safety procedures, allocating your train on the needed platform, and boarding it.

Is there free WiFi on the Leningradsky Station?

Fortunately, yes, WiFi is available free of charge to all guests and visitors of the station. After passing the short user registration procedure on your device, you may get access to the station's WiFi.


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