St. Petersburg
749 km
Departure station:
Nevsky Prospect, 85, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Lenina Sq., 6, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Vosstaniya Sq. 2, St.Petersburg, Russia
Zagorodnyy Prospekt, 52, St. Petesburg, Russia
Arrival station:
Stacijas laukums 2, Riga, Latvia

Those planning to travel from the Russian northern gem, St. Petersburg, to the beautiful capital of Latvia should consider taking a night train. The St. Petersburg - Riga trains are designed for travel in comfort and offer several types of car classes to select from, including soft sleeper cabins. The train passes numerous picturesque regions and towns along the way, conveniently connecting St. Petersburg and Riga from one city center to the other.

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St. Petersburg to Riga Train Review & Rating

Managed to get some sleep during the train ride, everything went well

Gina Y. about traveling from St. Petersburg to Riga