288 km
Departure station:
150054, Yaroslavl, Russia
Arrival station:
Komsomolskaya Square 5, Moscow, Russia
Zemlyanoi Val str. 29, Moscow, Russia
2 Komsomolskaya Square, 107976 Russia, Moscow, Russia
Tverskaya Zastava Square, 7, Moscow, Russia
5 Komsomolskaya pl., 107140, Moscow, Russia , Moscow, Russia
Kiyevsky Station Square, 1, Moscow, Russia
Paveletskaya pl., 1, Moscow, Russia
Rizhskaya Square, Moscow, Russia
Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
Russian railways
Vorkuta - Moskva
Comfort night train
3 hrs 49 min

Russia is famous for many things, such as a one-of-a-kind culture, beautiful sceneries, and even bears roaming the streets if you are inclined to believe in stereotypes. And among those things that put Russia on a map is its famous railway. The country boasts a lot of beautiful train routes, including the world-famous Trans-Siberian line, and Yaroslavl to Moscow railway is surely one of them. Taking a train to travel between the cities is among the smartest options, as it promises fast travel times and great comfort during the ride. You can find out more about the trains from Yaroslavl to Moscow as well as book your tickets for up to 2 years before the planned trip on Rail Ninja!

Timetable & Train information

Lowest train ticket cost:
Earliest departure:
Latest departure:
Shortest travel time:
3 hrs 49 min
Longest travel time:
3 hrs 49 min

Yaroslavl to Moscow Train Review & Rating

Great ride, the views were just amazing!

Alex Swan about traveling from Yaroslavl to Moscow