Zemlyanoi Val str. 29, Moscow, Russia

One of the nine railway stations in Moscow, Kursky Station was built in 1896 in order to accommodate trains connecting Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. Being rebuilt and renovated, nowadays, the Kursky railway station is the largest train station in the Russian capital. It provides platforms for both regular passenger and high-speed trains like Sapsan, Strizh, and Desiro. The building itself is designed to accommodate a passenger turnover of more than 11 thousand travelers. Plus, this station served as a background for several Soviet movies like "Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears" and "Carnival".



What to Know About the Kursky Train Station


Kursky Train Station: Main Amenities

Speaking about the facilities the station provides, Kurskiy Vokzal (as it is called in Russian) boasts a well-developed infrastructure, both inside and outside the building. While on the station, you may find many ticket offices, spacious waiting halls, a luggage storage service, WiFi, several cafes and coffee points, shops, and ATMs, among others. Moreover, the station is connected with the huge Atrium Shopping Mall by a glass tunnel in case you have time before the departure and would like to do some shopping.

How can I get to the Kursky train station?

The train station is directly connected with Moscow's Kurskaya metro station, the entrance to which is located on the lowest floor of the building. To get to the railway station, you need to use line 3 or 5 of the Moscow subway.


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