5 Komsomolskaya pl., 107140, Moscow, Russia , Moscow, Russia

Yaroslavskiy station, one of the most beautiful railway stations in Russia, smoothly integrates Old Russian and National Romantic style. For its exterior and served directions, the station was called the Northern Station up to 1955. No wonder, as it still is a true northern tale. From here trains depart towards The White Sea in Arkhangelsk direction, Russian Far East direction, Polar circle direction, China and Mongolia. All this variety of destinations makes Yaroslavskiy station the largest Moscow railway station in terms of passenger traffic. Interesting fact, the first electric train in Moscow started its route from Yaroslavsky station.



Getting Around Moscow's Yaroslavsky Railway Station


Where Yaroslavskiy station is located?

Yaroslavskiy station is located on the Komsomolskaya Square, near the Leningradskiy and Kazanskiy railway stations. Their close location to each other gave Komsomolskaya Square another name, Three Station’s Square. Metro is the easiest way to reach Yaroslavsky station, just get to the Komsomolskaya station on the red line.

Which train operates from Moscow?

Each Moscow railway station operates a particular route. Yaroslavskiy station serves trains towards Arkhangelsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Vladivostok, and many other cities.

What to find at Yaroslavskiy station?

Several reconstructions helped the station to be more up-to-date. It is equipped with all the necessary amenities: there is a luggage room, ticket offices, a waiting hall, a help desk, restrooms, ATMs, a first-aid post, various shops, and cafes.

Does Yaroslavskiy station provide free WiFi?

Having the largest passenger traffic in Moscow, there is free WiFi on the station. Pass a short registration procedure to access it.


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