Paveletskaya pl., 1, Moscow, Russia

Paveletsky Railway Station is one of Moscow's nine railways stations, servicing suburban and long-distance trains to the southern regions of Russia. It is one of the busiest railway hubs in the striking capital of Russia, over 1000 people pass through the station doors every hour. The station is very well-equipped, it offers a wide range of facilities, such as an information point, parking, comfortable waiting rooms, ATMs, currency exchange points, as well as various shops and eateries. Interestingly, you can find the Museum of the Moscow Railway near the station complex where you can see Vladimir Lenin's Funeral Train exhibit.



Frequently Asked Question About Paveletsky Station Railway Station


How many platforms does Paveletsky Station have?

The railway station boasts 10 platforms and 12 tracks, but not all are meant for passenger service. Track #0 zero operates exclusively postal-baggage trains.

How can I get from Paveletsky Station to Domodedovo Airport?

It's very easy to travel between these major transport hubs as there is a direct express train running between them. It offers great onboard amenities and an extensive schedule, making planning a trip very easy.


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